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push notification
Both push notifications and in-app messaging are very popular in the mobile app development industry.

What is a push notification?

notification is a text message which sent by an installed app on your
mobile. There are push notifications in desktops too those send by
browsers. Users don’t have to in app to receive these messages. It will
send to your phone or computer even when the apps aren’t open. That’s
why it’s very useful because the app can send a message even the user
inactive and get back to him active.

Push notifications are sent for several reasons. These are some of them:
  • Highlights from the app, e.g., coupons or news.
  • Important information.
  • Reminders.
  • A new activity, e.g., from friends who use the same app.
Categories of push notifications:

push notifications can be classified to four different categories

  1. Banners: They appear for a short time on the screen and disappear after.
  2. Badges: Small and usually red circles you can find on the corner of an app.
  3. Alerts: Messages that pop up on the screen and require an action from the user to either open or close them.
  4. Sound: They are mostly combined with other notifications but sometimes exist without them.
What is a push notification?

in-app messages popup when the user is interacting with the app. These
messages come in various types, shapes, and forms that you can adapt to
the specific use case and convey a clear message every time. you can use
in-app messages to educate, activate, and engage your users while they
are actively using your product.

Types of in-app messages

Let’s see what are the common types of in -app messages:

  1. Product Tours : Product tours, walkthroughs, and in-app guides are a great way to
    onboard new users and help them find their way around your product from
    the moment they sign up.
  2. Chatbots : Chatbots are another type of in-app messaging using chatbots for in-app
    messaging via a live chat with customer support reps, or real-time
    scheduling options.
  3. Tooltips : Tooltips are short messages related to specific UI elements that
    provide additional explanations and guide users towards taking specific
    actions. They are often used to help users discover the product value
    and quickly reach.
  4. User feed backs : Speaking of surveys — collecting user feedback is one of the common in-app messaging use cases.
  5. New feature announcements : If particular product launch a new feature but don’t notify users about it, chances are that only a small portion of it customer base will find
    it on their own. This is where in-app messaging can help to announce the
    features and redesigns, briefly explain them, and drive the feature

In this article I wrote everything I learned about Push and In-app messages and I would like to suggest you an article to read. it’s“Popups: 10 Problematic Trends and Alternatives”. From it you can learn bit more about the popups and then you can carefully use them.

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